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Strategy 2016-2020


The main objective of all activities leaded by EURES-T Beskydy is to support cross-border labor mobility in order to become an integral part of the regional labor market and remove barriers that interfere with this mobility. Partnership’s activities like recruitment and exchange of information about living and working conditions in the participating countries should become an integral part of services provided by all the major players in the area. Scheduled activities are just part of a deeper cooperation between the PESes in the border area and relate to joint training activities for employees, improve the quality of cooperation between all the key public institutions and local organizations aimed at the labor market, social security and development of entrepreneurship. An important element of the planned activities is to improve the knowledge of movement of labor through closer cooperation of various regional institutions. The partnership is looking for greater support for cross-border exchange programs and training for students. Other activities, including job and education fairs should be connected to seminars, workshops and other recruitment activities. Every action related to the implementation of the Project is also a part of the overall plan for communication and information exchange. The actions in 2016 are addressed to the groups of clients and partners of EURES-T Beskydy, such as employers (small business especially), employees of the institutions, job seekers and young people entering the labor market, including "Generation NEET". The strategy of reaching different groups and support them, consists on a good knowledge of the labor market (employment offices participating in the project) and their access to job seekers.  In addition, the Partnership includes  employers' associations and unions, so there is an adequate opportunity to reach groups of employers and workers, interested in changing jobs or doing own business in the cross-border area. Partners also cooperate closely with educational bodies (schools, universities), which will allow to reach a group of learners or graduates (participation in internships and training programs). There are also small media campaigns planned, for example:  press releases and radio ads, distribution of leaflets and posters, information in Social media and other internet platforms, etc. Partners responsible for the implementation of the Action Plan are bound by EURES-T Beskydy 2016 to promote activities in the local media, use the communication channels of other partners, such as their website, social networks, message boards, and other information platforms. Partners are also obliged to inform about the results of any event and published a report on each activity There are also plans of action which allow to identify specific needs related to the promotion and information exchange, such as updating the website of EURES-T Beskydy. The partnership would like to reactivate the web site and use it as a key tool of communication in the Area. The Partnership plans to enter the virtual space of social media. Another activity is to prepare annual conference of the EURES-T Beskydy which will be a summary of all projects implemented by the partners during the financial year. The meeting will be an occasion for presenting the results of all individual actions and strategies that have been prepared by the partners (especially during 2016).   Due to cooperation with other organizations in the area of ​​cross-border there is a chance to gain promotion level by linking information on other websites (EGCC Triti, etc.). All events should have a similar visual identity. Some of the promotional materials will be procured centrally and will be used by all partners of EURES-T Beskydy. Last step will be publication of the annual report on the results of all the activities that have taken place in the Area

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